« Because our projects require multidisciplinary competences »

A team of twenty engineers, managers and technicians covering various fields of RESING’s activities, coordinated by :

Mohamed Aboufirass General Director

Dr. Mohamed Aboufirass holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of California- Davis (1982) in hydrology and an agricultural engineering degree from IAV Hassan II (Morocco). Since his graduation, he has held several positions dealing with water resources management and hydraulics, including academic, administration and private sectors. Presently Dr. Aboufirass is director of the Consulting firm RESING. Dr. Aboufirass is also active in non-profit work dealing with local development and environment. Currently, he holds the position of vice-president of IAH, in charge of the MENA Region.

Abdessamad Hadri Technical Director

Abdessamad HADRI holds an engineering degree in mineral engineering from the Ecole Mohammedia d’Ingénieurs (Morocco). He joined RESING in 2010, within which he integrated the water resources and environmental team. With his strong engineering profile and level of expertise obtained through the participation in the fields of water resources and hydraulics, Mr. Hadri was appointed in the position of technical director of RESING.

Sahar AIT ABDELOUAHED Department « water resources and hydraulic structures »

Sahar AIT ABDELOUAHED holds an Agricultural Engineering degree From IAV-Hassan II (Morocco). She joined RESING’s team in 2012 and contributes to studies in the areas of irrigation and hydraulic projects. In 2013, Sahar was appointed in the position of head of the Department "water resources and hydraulic structures".

Aurélie CHANCEL Department « Environment and Territorial Development »

Aurélie Chancel is in charge of the Department "Environment and Territorial Development" within RESING which she integrated in 2006. She holds the Diploma of Superior Studies, with a specialization in the area of urban planning and local development, from the Institute of Regional Planning, Université de la Méditerranée (Aix-en-Provence, France). Her experience and the multidisciplinary nature of her training allowed her to intervene in RESING as a coordinator of projects in the fields of environment and regional development.

Abdel Ilah AMBRI Department « Agriculture and Rural Development »

Abdel Ilah AMBRI holds an Agricultural engineering degree from IAV-Hassan II (Morocco), and a degree of specialization in irrigation and drainage from Agronomico Instituto Mediterraneo of Bari (Italy). Mr. Ambri experience counts more that 25 years of practice in many areas of agriculture including, research, project design and management of agricultural projects. In RESING, Mr. Ambri is in charge of the Department "agriculture and rural development".

Zohra SARROUKH Department of « Socioeconomics »

Zohra SARROUKH holds a State Doctorate in Political Science from the University of Nancy (France). In RESING, she is responsible for the "socio-economic" Department, where she provides leadership socio-economic studies contracted by RESING. Dr. SARROUKH has extensive experience in conducting socio-economic and demographic studies and in field investigations associated with these studies.

Mohamed EL GHAZOUANI Department « computer applications and GIS »

Mr. El Ghazouani holds a Specialized Master in Information Systems Engineering, from Faculté des Sciences Semlalia (Morocco). He joined the RESING’s team in 2010, in which he provides computer services to projects conducted by RESING. This includes data bases, GIS, and modeling hydraulic systems.