Areas of interest

« Because we cover many areas of expertise »

The area of water resources is one of the major components of RESING expertise. Our competences include, both major studies dealing with water planning and management at basin level, and studies expertise on local scale dealing with water resources development and investigation.

RESING offers consulting in the following areas :
  • Water resources planning and management
  • Hydrology and hydrogeology studies
  • Aquifer artificial recharge
  • River basin management
  • Groundwater investigation and assessment
  • Water resources modeling
  • Water quality
  • Rain water harvesting

RESING has developed a specialized expertise in the area on environmental planning and management (strategy and territorial action plan for the protection of natural resources and sustainable development), along with environmental impact assessment of development and territorial projects.

RESING offers consulting in the following areas :
  • Strategies and action plans for environmental protection
  • Environmental audits
  • Territorial development plans
  • Environmental Impact assessment
  • Environmental depollution studies (soil, water, etc.)
  • Energy management and renewable energy
  • Climate changes

RESING competences cover a large spectrum of areas linked to rural and agricultural development. Among such competences: studies of agricultural sectors, agriculture in arid regions, irrigation and drainage project design.

RESING offers consulting and expertise in the following areas :
  • Agricultural project design
  • Agricultural and natural resources development
  • Studies of agricultural sectors development
  • Irrigations and drainage project design
  • Etudes sectorielles

Competences of RESING in the area of technical assistance include areas such as hydraulic and civil works, watershed management, agricultural project implementation and water resources investigation.

RESING offers consulting and expertise in the following areas :
  • Groundwater and surface water monitoring
  • Monitoring of civil and hydraulic works
  • Monitoring of agricultural development projects
  • Monitoring of environmental rehabilitation projects
  • Monitoring of groundwater investigation (wells, pumping tests, geophysical investigation, chemical tracing ...)
  • Chantiers de forages
  • Essais de pompage et essais hydrauliques
  • Travaux de réhabilitation d'ouvrages hydrauliques

In this area, RESING expertise includes the design and the monitoring of the implementation of hydraulic and sanitation projects. This expertise covers all phases of the projects from conception of systems to preparing tender documents.

RESING offers consulting and expertise in the following areas :
  • Drinking water projects
  • Sanitation and wastewater treatment projects
  • Microhydropower projects
  • Roads
  • Dams and hydraulic infrastructure, flood protection
  • Desalination

RESING has developed over the years a rich experience in training in areas of its expertise, in particular water resources development, environmental management and local development.

RESING offers training in the following areas :
  • Water resources modeling and planning
  • Environmental audits and management
  • Agriculture and local development
  • Modélisation des systèmes hydrauliques